My Life

The Early Years

I was raised in Big Spring, Tx. I have three brothers. My mom and dad did not graduate from high school. My father was a farmer, farm worker, and factory worker. He grew up in Texas then moved to California to work as a farm worker then a factory worker during the depression and war years. All three of my brothers were born in California.

Around the time I was born, Dad accepted a job selling insurance and became the Howard County Farm Bureau agent in Big Spring.

I graduated from Big Spring High. I was active there in student council and athletics. I received my Eagle Scout award, which is probably the achivement I think most of from my early years.

After graduation in 1974 I headed to Texas Tech and graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree. While there I continued something I started while in high school: playing lead guitar in a rock band. I was married to my wife Terri after our junior year, and we found ourselves with child after only eight months! I scratched the plan to attend law school and accepted a job with Exxon Production Research Company in Houston.

I had the great fortune of getting to travel to the Middle East three times while there. I also learned something extremely valuable while working in this top-tier research company with some of the world’s most brilliant scientists: scientific formulas and computer models are only a guess. Without real data to ground truth a model, it is worthless.

Terri and I eventually were blessed with six children. 

The Dunn Family Children




Lee, (born 1978) married Ashlee and they have four children, Annalee (2005), Addie (2006), Brady (2008) and Dawson (2010). Lee graduated from Midland High School, where he played basketball on a regional finalist team. Lee received his Eagle Scout award. He graduated from Texas A&M University with an economics degree and spent five years as a banker for Wells Fargo before joining CrownQuest Operating where he serves as Vice President of Business Development.

Lee and Ashlee serve at Midland Bible Church.


Luke (born 1980) married Lindsy and they have one child, Josiah (2007). Luke graduated as a home-schooled student. He also received his Eagle Scout Award, as well as gaining national recognition as a recipient of the Hornaday Conservation Award. He graduated with honors from Texas Tech with a Petroleum Engineering degree, receiving a special award for a perfect grade point average. He worked with Occidental Petroleum for two years before joining CrownQuest Operating as an engineer. He is currently Vice President of Engineering and Opertations.

Luke and Lindsy serve at Midland Bible Church.

Mary Kathryn

Mary KathrynMary Kathryn (1982) married Tim Wimberly who spent his early years the real estate business before joining Mallard Royalty. Mary Kathryn graduated from Midland Classical Academy and received her undergraduate degree in photography from the North Texas University and her Masters in Fine Arts (a terminal degree) in photography from Texas Women’s University. 

They have two daughters Wheatly (2011) and Moriah (2013-2015).

She now teaches college classes and free lances as a professional photographer and art consultant.

See her webpage here:

She and Tim volunteer and are active at Midland Bible Church.

David Dunn   (1984) graduated from Midland Classical Academy where he was awarded all state honors in basketball and all district honors in golf. He also received his Eagle scout award. He attended Montana Tech and played basketball, but graduated with honors with a Petroleum Engineering degree from Texas Tech then headed to Zambia Africa for a year to live with a local family and aid in various ministry and micro finance projects.

After returning from Zambia, he decided to try his hand at music, and launched a career as a singer, songwriter. 

You can use this link to purchase his albums on iTunes,

David left a full time staff position with The Loft Church in The Woodlands, TX although he still leads worship there frequently.  he now resides in Nashville. He was a contestant on the NBC show The Voice in February of 2012.  You can listen to his music at

You can become a fan of David on this Facebook page,


Becky (1986) is married to Keith Uhles.  She graduated from Midland Classical Academy where she received the Outstanding Student award. She subsequently graduated with honors from Dallas Baptist University with a degree in Music Composition, ending her career there with a “bang” by hosting a live performance of her compositions. She received the outstanding music student award as well being elected homecoming princess.

They have one daughter Kallie and one son Neal.

Keith spent several years marketing for a professional sports team and is currently with CrownQuest.  They volunteer with Redeemer Church Midland.


Wally (1987) married Micah. He graduated from Midland Classical Academy where he received all state honors in basketball and state honors in vocal performance. He also received his Eagle Scout award. He attended Midland College and played basketball, winning a national championship ring and a conference championship. He played for the Texas Tech men’s basketball team for three years and graduated with a BS in geology and minors in chemistry and business.  He currently works at CrownQuest as a geologist. Wally and Micah have two sons, Cooper (2014) and Jon Walter (2015).



You can see his big night where he scored 15 against OU here:

He sings too. While at Tech he helped lead various campus Bible studies and student meetings. He now helps with music at Midland Bible Church where he and Micah serve.

Micah runs a corporate and personal wellness business.

We home schooled all our kids for their elementary years, then customized the approach for each child until Midland Classical was founded.
I have been asked how we ended up with such fantastic kids. I am sure most of it is God’s grace. For our part, we spent a lot of time, invested a lot of energy, and tried to make parenting about them, not us. We tried to invite them to live in a way that most blessed them and others, but declined to coerce them (to the extent we were capable.)  Our "There" for our kids was to teach them to make good decisions, then send them out of the nest when grown.


And their mom is awesome.

Terri is a fantastic mom and wife. She often mentors others. She volunteered at Midland Classical by teaching several classes for many years.

Terri was raised in an Air Force family. Her father retired from the Air Force as a colonel; he flew 222 combat missions in Viet Nam as a fighter pilot and has an F4 display dedicated to him at the Commemorative Air Force museum in Midland and is a member of the CAF Combat Hall of Fame. Terri attended 11 different schools growing up, including stints in Japan and Germany.